Ladder Rules and F.A.Q.

1- How do I join?

Go to the Contact Us page, and fill the form. Them click Send Message

2- How do I submit a score?

Just go to Login at the top menu enter your email and password. Then click the Login button.

3- How to find your players password?

On the top menu click on the Login link. Click on the Forgot your Password Link. Enter your E-mail and click the Request Password button. The system will send you the password we have on file automatically. View our video tutorial

4- I got my password. What do I do now?

Click on the Login top menu. Enter your E-mail and Password. Them Click Login. Click the Edite My Profile link, View Contac link or Report your Score link. Make sure you click logout link.

5- How to find player telephone numbers and e-mail?

Click on Login button. Enter your profile email and password. Them click on the link See players contact info.

6- What division I am playing?

The ladder is 4.0 and 4.5 division.

7- How often do I need to play?

You will have 7 to 10 days to complete your ladder round

8- In What tennis facility do I play?

Players play at any location mutually agreed to by both players. If you agree to play at Morningside Tennis Facility we will let you complete your match in full. (NO one hour limit for MS ladder players)

9- How long will the miamiladder last?

Ladder will be 16 Rounds, however we can increase the ladder rounds to 20 or 24 if players agree.

10- Opps I enter the wrong score. What do I do now?

Go to our contact page and let us know what info needs to be changed.

11- Who is responsible for bringing the balls?

Both player must brings balls for the match. The winner will take the new can of balls. website presentation video How to report a score? How to recover Player Password? How to find my matches record?

1 Players have to agree to all the rules.
2 You must read and understand all rules before you start playing the ladder or report any problem.
3 Entry fee of $20.00 dollars and non Morningside yearly pass needs to pay $2.00 per Match in order to play the ladder. The ladder fee will be non-refundable, after you play your first round match.
4 Every Player must play one match per week. If you do not play matches from more that 2 rounds, you will automatically will go to the bottom of the ladder.
5 No money prizes are awarded for this ladder.
6 Both player must brings balls for the match. The winner will take the new can of balls.
7 The match format is 2 out of 3 sets, with a 10 points tiebreaker on the third set.
8 Both players must make a best effort to call each other and find an agreeable time and location for a match. Please make sure you really contact your opponent, at least 2 times before you enter a default score and claim victory on that round.
9 A challenge must be accepted and played within 7 days of the challenge or a forfeit may be invoked at the discretion of the Ladder Organizer.
10 If a player decline a match for any reason more that two (2) times, or if a player doesn't respond to a challenge within the 6 days an automatic forfeit will apply.
11 If a challenged player cancels a match he will drops off from the ladder to the lower ranking position.
12 If a player is more than 20 minutes late for a match, he will lost the match automatically, unless the waiting player agree to play the match.
13 Generally, a (10) ten minute warm-up is reasonable. Please allow enough time for a three sets match.
14 If the challenger is the winner, he will take the winner position on the ranking list.
15 If a player submit the wrong score or the wrong winner please call tournament director or email us immediately. If the score was enter intentionally wrong the player will losses the ranking and may need to restart from the last position of the ladder.
16 Every player is responsible to provide accurate information as name, email, and phone number in order to received a valid entry, ladder information and a ranking from the competition.
17 The winner of the match must report the results within 24 hours using the result link on the web or the match will show up on the ladder as cancel (no result).
18 The names and scores of all matches will be published daily at website.
19 Good sportsmanship in match play and practice is essential. Players may be suspended if conduct is determined to be unacceptable or un-respectfully to the other player.
20 If a dispute cannot be resolved on the court by the players, contact the ladder administrator Rolando Arzola (305-302-8037) to resolve the dispute.
21 Contact List and phone numbers are on the website at; only players will have access to the private information list and their telephone numbers. Is strictly prohibited to use the ladder information for personal or any other business use.
22 The rules can be modify by the tournament director and players committee at any time according or subject to any ladder issue or situation.
23 We understand players need personal time for any reason and ask a ladder director Rolando Arzola for a bye at any round at any week. * NO more than 2 bye’s per ladder, after that you will be starting from the last ladder position. * If you ask for a bye you will be playing a lower ranking player at the next round you play. * NO bye’s on the last 2 weeks of the ladder

Rule No 1: Players agree to all the rules
Rule No 2: You must read and understand all 23 rules before you start playing the ladder or report a problem
Click here to report any Ladder problem

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